Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fire Mantel Bar

Two employees of Gaustchi Holz Works, Arthur Seigneur and Patrick Condon entered the Green Project's Salvation Furniture Project. The piece they made is a Fire Mantel Bar and this is a documentation of the process they went through to create it.

Here are the two cypress mantels we started with.  They were purcased from The Bank in New Orleans.

First we dismantled both bars

Next we needed extra material so we used some salvage cypress from a previous job at GHW.  The cypress needed to be denailed, joined, then planed before being glued up into planks for the inside walls and column walls.

Mantel front being glued up.

Here are our two mantels, cleaned up and ready to glue.

Columns being glued to mantel front.

               Here is the fire mantel bar in production, we will keep updating and show its progression.

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