Apprenticeship Program

What we hope to achieve through this program is an introduction to woodwork, focusing in particular on millwork and the design and construction of furniture. Targeted at candidates with little or no background in the trade, our aim is to develop their skills and interest through the gradual and systematic exposure to the tools, techniques, development and drawing of designs, materials and all other pertinent aspects associated with the craft. 

All that is required from the successful applicants is to show a passion for the work, a commitment to invest a minimum of 20 hours a week of their own time, a natural aptitude in their endeavors and to develop a realization of how they see their professional future in light of the new skills they are learning. The tuition and materials are provided at no cost to the apprentice and they will therefore receive no salary in return. 

This program is the first of its kind to be generously offered through Gautschi Holz Works and it represents an exciting opportunity for the studio to impart its knowledge on a new generation of artisans. The apprentice will not only learn the general skills of the trade, but also the invaluable knowledge and techniques for the restoration of historical buildings and furniture in New Orleans, something essential to the continued preservation of this unique and vibrant city.

In essence, the content of the apprenticeship will be determined as we proceed, based on the progression of the applicant and of the shared interests and areas of specialization with the studio.

Under their respective names on the previous page, the apprentices will document and exhibit their work as they progress, serving as a window into the exciting work we undertake at Gautschi Holz Works.

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